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The Gift of the Wild

Give the gift of stillness, renewal, and wild connection... 

Wilderness Yoga retreats include:

welcome chai on arrival

1-3 hour guided hike

1 hour yoga class

3-5 meditation + mindfulness + 're-wilding' classes

rest breaks

closing meditation + intention setting (+ secret gift)

stunning views + good vibes + admittance to the Wild Tribe community

Upon purchasing your gift card, we'll email you a Wilderness Yoga card

detailing the retreat inclusions and voucher code, for you to pass on to your lucky gift recipient!

(please allow up to 72 hours to receive your code).


You may enter in any value you like for your gift card. 

Keep in mind that our full day retreats are usually $140, half days are usually $70-100,

while our special events vary in price.


Gift cards are valid for 12 months from purchase and can be put towards any of our Wilderness Yoga offerings, except our 'urban series' which is run in partnership with other yoga studios. 

Please note gift cards are personally addressed to your gift recipient by our team of humans (not automated robots!),

so please allow up to 72 hours to receive your voucher code.

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