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Dear friend, Thanks for visiting! I bet you're wondering what we're up to?
Well, in late 2019 we decided to pause our public offerings, to re-envision and co-evolve our programs towards a deeper engagement with environmental and social justice.
We understand practices of mindful eco-living, nature connection, and social and environmental justice, are just as important as ever right now,
and it is our aspiration to help bring these practices to you, wherever you are in the world.

We are super stoked that after several years of curation and planning, as well as a few prudent pandemic delays, we will be relaunching our new enterprise in the Autumn of 2023;
Sacred Planet International.

In the meantime, we've outlined our best guesstimate of our 2023 retreat schedule below.
Oh and remember to join our mailing list and you'll be the first to know when we relaunch.

You're welcome to reach out at any time;
we'd love to hear from you.
Love, Belinda x


Keep your ear to the ground...


// Sacred Planet Team Retreat //
The Lakes National Park
Tatungalung Country

End of Year Team Retreat 
23rd-26th November 2023

2018-2019 PV sticker.jpg
LTO Membership mark-2019-20-22x22-CMYK.jpg
170209_Wilderness Yoga_121.jpg

// Sacred Earth Practice //
Live Stream
First Sunday of every month

Beginning Sunday 5th March 2023
4.00-5.30pm AEST

// Great Forests Retreat //
Great Forest National Park
Taungurung Country
Witness the Sacred that needs our protection...

Autumn Day Retreat
20th May 2023


// National Tree Day //
State Park

Wurundjeri Country

Community Meditation & Planting
Sunday 6th August 2023


// Alpine Retreat //
Yarra Ranges
National Park

Wurundjeri Country 

Winter Day Retreat 
Saturday 19th August 2023

rock circle_edited.jpg

// Oceans Retreat //
Mornington Peninsula
National Park
Boon Wurrung Country

Spring Day Retreat
Saturday 9th September 2023

Interested in joining the team in 2023?

We're looking for like-hearted
creatives, leaders, learners, big thinkers, planners, investigators, motivators, do-ers, be-ers, and all-round planet-shakers!

We are carefully curating a diverse team of visionaries for our
advisory council, our operations crew, and our teaching squad.

If this has you jumping-for-joy excited,
join our
mailing list to learn more about our plans
drop us a line to introduce yourself.  

We'd love to meet you...

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