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Great Otway National Park, Lorne


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Three Falls and The Canyon + St George River and Teddy's Lookout

Great Otway National Park, Lorne

Join us on the first weekend of February for a grounding and cleansing immersion into the wild. We will draw on yoga, meditation, mantra, pranayama (breath work), dharma sharing and self exploration, mindful hiking, seasonal bushfood and re-wilding practices, along with some wisdom from Ayurveda (the sister science of Yoga), to find rest and renewal in the wild. We begin our journey together on the Saturday for a full day Wilderness Yoga grounding and cleansing practice, and meet again on the Sunday morning for a half day of rest and renewal.

Saturday: Ground + Cleanse

This glorious adventure takes us through one of the most spectacular walks you'll ever experience! We begin our journey with a meander along trails of wildflowers and river vistas, to experience the soul-charging power of the Phantom Falls. We then wind our way through tall Eucalypt forest, sampling bush foods along the journey, as we descend into the mysterious fern-lined walls of The Canyon. Our journey continues to the magical Henderson Falls, and on to views of the Won Wondah Falls, through to Sheoak meadows and Koala habitat. As we carve our way through this ancient landscape, we will ground, cleanse, and rediscover our true selves in the wilderness.

Sunday: Rest + Renew

On the Sunday morning we will meet on a little known parcel of beach where the Saint George River meets the Great Ocean, and together experience the rest and renewal provided by our stunning tidal ecosystems. Our practice will guide us along playful rock-pools to experience the sounds of the ocean and the deep rest of warm sand. Our gentle walk up to Teddy's Lookout with gift us with panoramic views of the rugged coast and ocean expanse. As we dive into deep rest, we will begin to rediscover what it means to be truly renewed.


When and where:

  • Saturday the 2nd of February 2019

    • Three Falls + The Canyon, Great Otways National Park

    • 9.00am to (approx.) 4.30pm

    • Meeting place provided after registration + in your email confirmation          (a 10 minute drive from Lorne town centre)


  • Sunday the 3rd of February 2019

    • Great Ocean Beach, St George River + Teddy's Lookout

    • 7.30am to (approx.) 12.30pm

    • Meeting place provided after registration + in your email confirmation      (a 10 minute drive from Lorne town centre)

The hikes:


  • Saturday: 8km (~3 hour hike). Graded Easy-Moderate* (read below)

  • Sunday: 2km (~1 hour hike). Graded Easy

The yoga: Restorative flow (beginners welcome)

Investment: $240 for the weekend retreat

Your $240 investment includes:

  • Saturday: full day**

    • welcome chai + eco Ayuvedic snacks on arrival

    • opening ceremony + intention setting

    • 3 hour guided hike (hiking time may vary)

    • 1 hour yoga practice

    • 5 meditation, mindfulness + 're-wilding' classes

    • rest breaks (lunch not provided, BYO)

    • self exploration practice + dharma sharing

    • time for waterfall bathing!

  • Sunday: half day

    • welcome chai + eco Ayuvedic snacks on arrival

    • 30 minute guided meditation

    • chanting, mantra, + pranayama (breath work)

    • 1 hour yoga practice

    • 1 hour guided walk

    • self exploration practice + dharma sharing

    • closing ceremony + intention setting

    • secret eco gift! 

    • time for ocean swimming!

  • Stunning views + good vibes + admittance to the Wilderness community

Guided by Dr Belinda Christie, Environmental Scientist + Yoga Teacher.


**Travel + accommodation:

Arrange your own travel to/from each day's location. Camping, glamping, or 5 star? Choose and book your own accommodation to create your perfect weekend getaway! (Some suggestions included in registration).

* Please read - Easy-Moderate hiking grade:

While this hike is mostly graded easy, there are some short steep sections, including a steep decent into The Canyon which will require some scrambling. After rain, parts of the track can be slippery, muddy and may require some rock hoping. We will be supporting and helping each other through these sections - a good exercise in trust and building confidence! The rest of the trail is easy level walking on well-made sloping or flat trails. Uneven surfaces will be present throughout (rocks, tree roots, etc). You can preview sections of the trail through 'My Story Highlights' here.

Note: This is not a "walk in the park" :) As with all hikes in wilderness areas, the walking trails will of course be unpaved (these are not suburban parks). As such, all hikes (including those categoried as 'easy') will have plentiful uneven ground, rough, slippery and undulating surfaces. This is the wild after all! If you have any concerns about the trail, or any injuries or illnesses which you'd like to discuss, please feel free to contact us (there is also a place to provide this info during online registration).

Photographs pictured above are of our 2018 Great Otways Retreat - and are of different locations to our 2019 retreat. 

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