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Wedge-Tailed Eagle Scholarships

Sometimes we need to experience the wild, but just can't get ourselves there.

Enter our Wedge-Tailed Eagle Scholarships, named after the great protector and one of the fiercest beings of the sky.

We got you wild one.

Now, we know that we humans don't always fit into neat categories - student, elder, survivor, refugee, person with a disability, impairment, or disadvantage - and its not always helpful for you to spend hours convincing someone you are deserving of what is our natural inheritance; deep connection with the wild.

So no complex form, no convincing, no right or wrong answers.

Just tell us about yourself...

Scholarship Application

Thanks for your submission wild one!

We'll review your application shortly

and contact you via email. 

Available scholarship places vary for each retreat/program. Once approved, we'll issue you with a unique code so you can register for your chosen retreat online. Sat Nam.  

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